Hello there! (:

If you’re looking at this blog right now, then welcome to Winnie the Reader! Thank for staying long enough to want to get to know about this page.

Hopefully, through this blog, you’ll be able to understand me better, but here are quick 10 facts about me:

  1. I’ve been in and out the hospital sick
  2. I’m in my 20s
  3. Tv shows, movies, cooking, reading, and coffee about sum me up
  4. I work as a barista
  5. I’m currently studying political science
  6. I have two dogs and two cats
  7. I love love LOVE animals
  8. I don’t eat gluten, dairy, seafood, or red meat.
  9. I suck at cooking- but love to cook
  10. I have three tattoos

I’m simply your average person with an abnormal passion for books. I don’t have a fancy degree in English, Writing, etc. So my spelling will be a little out of whack (spell check saves my life!), my grammar not so great, my wit lacking, I use far too many exclamation points and am prone to rambling. I honestly feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, but I promise honest and passionate reviews about the books I’ve read other daily life posts.

So thank you for coming and checking my blog out, and I hope I interested you enough to stay.

Please comment and subscribe! I’d love to hear your opinions and views



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